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Thank you to all fans for your contributions

You think you've got it all, then along comes the next rarities collection - some old... some new - always a great listen. Keep up the archive searching! Blair Millar

The Rarities series offers an insight into the songs that were often part of the road not taken in the song writing process and has given outlet to some spectacular songs that might otherwise never have been heard by fans. Michael S. Wallack

There's not many bands out there who let you hear raw versions of their work showing you the different directions they were going with their music. Mark Lestrange

Ever since the 1st rarities cd was released I have been an avid collector of the series. Ian Grant together with the other remaining members of Big Country take the time and trouble to put these interesting collections together. The songs give a great insight into how an album is put together and finally recorded. Also ther are some amazing unheard gems from the archives that remain unheard until now. With the death of Stuart Adamson being such a great loss in all our lives these collections help us remember what an amazing quartet they once were. Dave Chinery

There's no better cd than a Big Country cd and to hear unreleased tracks that to be quite honest are among my favourite just show what a unique and talented band we are so lucky to have had, "stay alive". Allan Smith

Listening to the rarities cds makes you realise that Big Country could have made 2 albums from one rarities cd and how different the demo tracks sounded in their original state, roll on number 9. Jon Martin

To me, the Rarities series is an incredible collection of BC music. It is difficult to describe exactly what the music does for me but I can say with each new release, there is always a "new" favourite that emerges and leaves me awed. Cheers! John Velez

The Rarities series is a must for any decent fan. Unbelievable, that some of those songs didn't make it on an album at the time of recording. Sound quality is excellent on nearly all songs. Bruce and Tony did a great job with the release of these gems. Andy from Germany

The rarities series by Big Country show how versatile they were as a working band, reworking their songs to make them all sound new and interesting again. Here's hoping there are more in the series. John Talbot

A complete journey from the beginning to end??? and I've loved every minute of it! Howard Mitchell

Rarities - the pleasure of hearing many hidden gems and a priceless opportunity to hear what various songs started out as before the final album versions. Eight studio albums, eight rarities albums - illustrates how good Big Country are as musicians. Gordon (must score) Smith

I recall that Stuart Adamson said once that songs start off as fledgling chicks before they take off and soar. If you've ever been interested in how songs can spread their wings, then RARITIES is for you. Ray Barker

The Rarities Series has been a unique and glorious set of trips down memory lance, collating excellent demos, b-sides and previously unreleased tracks, proving the BC were (without a shadow of a doubt) one of the finest and unique Rock and Roll Bands of the 80s and 90s. Welder

The Rarities series offers BC fans the unprecedented honour of getting inside the band'sheads as they chisel out some of the finest rock 'n' roll ever to grace this planet! David Wright

The Rarities Series has been very important as it has helped keep the spirit of Big Country alive. Garry Bower

Listening to the Rarities series is like opening a window on a cool spring morning. It's a breath of fresh air that takes you back to the simple pleasures in life, whilst promising more to come. Mazz

Having the 'Rarities' series is a breath of fresh air in the current climate of mediocre music and Louis Walsh influenced boy bands. Keith G. Byrne

We all know that sadly, there will never be any more new Big Country recordings. The Rarities series however, lets us hear songs in their raw state, before they became the classics we all know and love, as well as giving us never before heard gems. Any series that lets us hear more of the magic that was, and is, Big Country, is to be welcomed. Jonathan McKernie

The Rarities Series is a fantastic insight into the workings of one of Britain's finest rock bands. It's great to see the origins of their songs - some started years before they actually made it to albums - fascinating stuff. Adrian Grainger

Rarities are like a surprise present, always a treat and something to get excited about!! Caroline Rutter (Caz)

The rarities series appeals to me as they offer the chance to hear gems of music that other bands tend to hide away. It would be a shame to remain unheard. Stephen Scott