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“Have to own up here. I felt so emotional listening to this today I nearly gave up.

I can't actually remember when I last listened to this album but all of hit me really hard. It is a fabulous piece of work. Ahh! the memories that this has bought back.

Look Away - I can only describe this track as meaningful pop. The melodies, guitar licks, chorus are pure pop and the lyric is intelligent yet accessable. Johmmy Walker loves this track.

The Seer - This is when I first choked. This a masterpiece of a track, the story, the music, the mandolin, the playing are awesome, but......but.....KATE BUSH!!!! I LOVE THAT WOMAN. What she did to that recording is awesome, awesome, awesome. How lucky we were to get her on this track.

The Teacher - I was so high after The Seer I thought that I would not be able to listen to anything else then this track crashed in. Its stunning, the textures and the atmosphere completely took my breath away.

I Walk The Hill - Ahh man, I was exhausted after The Teacher then comes this mini anthem. I forgot about this song. Its glorious, its uplifting, its grand (as they say on the emerald isle).

Eiledon - Found it difficult not to shed a tear here. Can't think of a superlative to describe what I feel about this track, its so good it practically broke my heart.

One Great Thing - What a welcome relief, something a bit lighter. Another great pop song guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face. It exudes happiness, glorious guitar melodies.

Hold The Heart - I forgot how sweet this track was, musically it is lush and sets off the lyrics perfectly. Beautiful track.

Rememberance Day - Vintage BC, massive sound to compliment the massive lyric. The essence of the song captured perfectly. Listening to this was like watching an old grainy black and white newsreel.

The Red Fox - This was like listening to a new song, I did not remember this song at all. I have no recollection of its conception. Definately vintage BC style. Its fab, lots of guitar stuff.

The Sailor - I love this track. Its big. Again vintage stuff, start soft and melodic then crank all the guitars up and have Stuart sibg at the top of his range. top stuff.

I haven't commented on this in my re-visit because I wanted to give it a special mention. I think the drums are phenomenal on this album.

This was as difficult as it was pleasurable to re-visit. This is a fantastic album, the depth of quality is superb. I think Robin Millar worked hard to understand the band and record us the way we sounded, but once again (although not a big criticism) some of the mixes could have been better if Robin was left to his own devices rather than the record company interferance that occured.

I'm exhausted after that. Next, Steeltown. Cheers TB” (19 November 2006 BC Forum)