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Barrowland Anecdotes.

“If there was ever a band to be proud to manage, it was this one. Big Country. If there was ever a night (and there were many) to feel grateful, this was most definitely one. Huge thank you to Stuart, Tony, Mark and Bruce for making it all possible in the first place”.

Ian Grant 2009 (Manager)


"Barrowlands shows were the peak of the Big Country live experience. Nothing came close for audience participation and atmosphere. They knew the songs as well as the band. In fact at times you could not tell where the band ended and the audience began..A really mad show...”

Chris Briggs 2009 (Head of A and R)


“Big Country at Barrowlands on new years of the most emotional musical experiences of my career. That band had everything, rock, pop, soul, heart and balls... It doesn't come much better”.

John Giddings 2009 (Agent)


“I proposed to Kirsty there. What Tony says sums it up wonderfully. The only other memory I have is going round to Jim Kerrs mums house after the gig and drinking all night. As Briggs said, I think I got really drunk!!”

Steve Liilywhite 2009 (Producer)


“New Year's Eve 1983, the Barrowlands Glasgow, over twenty five ago but surprisingly, even to myself, memories of that whole experience came to the surface without too much effort. A long arduous tour, which had seen the band consolidate its early promise,even exceeding some expectations, was due to wind up with a New Year's Eve gig on home turf. Unsurprisingly, with the band's success, and the fortuitous date and location the Glasgow gig began to look a lot less of a routine gig and more of a major production as the day approached. By the time the crew emerged from their bus very early on that cold and wet Glasgow morning we were faced with putting on two shows instead of one, a simultaneous live TV & radio broadcast of the main gig. If that did not promise a world of organisational crapola then add an entire troop of a Scots military bagpipe band to march through the audience to arrive on stage at precisely midnight to herald in the new year held a myriad of possibilities, most totally unattractive. The venue itself is located in a run down area of the city, an ugly squat building with the gig due to happen on the top floor, never designed for rock and roll. It;s proper name was the Barrowland Dancehall, a popular venue during the 1950's when it acquired an ugly reputation for several battles where the cut throat razor was the weapon of choice for the aptly named 'razor kings'.

To say the whole of the day setting up was a little on the fraught side, would be one hell of an understatement, the Tarquin's and Tristram's of the BBC never quite getting the joke. By the time soundcheck arrived the place still had the appearance of complete mayhem in motion. Somehow our rigger's had managed to secure what looked like a window cleaners cradle from the Barrowlands ceiling to accommodate the camera crew. The look of abject terror on the faces of those fearless BBC TV crew in the cradle as we winched off the ground and into the air has strangely stayed with me to this day. Soundcheck became a drawn out endurance test with not just the band's own crew needing to do their jobs but the TV needing a run through of this ,the radio mobile studio needed another song for their engineer's it was endless. By the time it was over ticket holders for the matinee performance were already getting impatient waiting in the rain for the doors to open.

Performance wise the matinee show worked well enough, the band could never give less than 100 per cent, it was this that had given the TV people some concern. During the matinee show the camera cradle suspended over the heads of the audience had looked anything but stable, i hadn't the heart to tell the shaken camera crew that the main shows audience, imbibed with alcoholic fortitude for the New Year celebration would be lot more rowdier. To be honest the same prospect filled me with not a little alarm. The Barrowlands dancehall floor was of the wooden sprung variety, translated this means it tended to bounce when the audience jumped up and down, not an unusual occurrence at a gig. The whole stage had moved during the matinee, even the scaffold safety barrier had detached itself from the front of the stage at one point. The few hours before doors opened for the main event were frantic with securing stage, barrier, pa stacks,microphones, even Mark's drum kit and Bruce and Stuart's amps had to be secured, nailed or bolted, screwed or taped down. With one anxious last inspection and wondering why on earth I had never learned how to pray, the house lights were lowered a little, a tape played over the pa and with not a little trepidation I gave the house manager the signal for the doors to open.

Run Rig, a Scots folk band opened up the night and did surprisingly well, all the precautions we had taken appeared to be able to cope, i relaxed enough to go eat.

In the years after New Year's Eve 1983 i would travel around the world with Big Country, The USA, Japan and so on, from London's Wembley Stadium to Madison Square Garden in New York. All memorable nights and milestones in the life of the band, but none have really stayed with me as that New Year's Eve at the Glasgow Barrowlands. From the moment i radioed for the houselights to come down and a couple of thousand of well oiled Scots throats took up the chant of 'here we go' the whole place began to shudder. As the band took the stage and Mark kicked that bass drum to count in a '100 stars' we rode the whirlwind,. At one point I had the promoter and house manager using sign language and looks of alarm while indicating that the building itself was buckling under the assault, The floor directly below the gig had large parts of its ceiling plaster removed, and cracks had spread around the support pillars. It was relentless, all the way to the bag pipe band and through to the encores there was no respite,by the time the band had finally left the stage for the last time and the house lights had gone back up you could see that people were actually physically exhausted and spent by the experience.

Now, looking back, I realise it was catching that one moment, when a band is of its exact time, an almighty roar that once heard, even felt, has never left me”.

Les King 2009 (Crew boss 1983)


“The matinee performance was my first BC gig and the start of near quarter century journey of countless live gigs, pogoing, happy memories, tears, highs, lows, laughs, many friendships, some heartbreaks and a 1001 other emotions and occurrences that Big Country gave me. On 31 December 1983 under the infamous glitter ball and the curved ceiling of the iconic venue, the crowd sweated buckets as the lads thundered through a fantastic set of tracks centred around the superb Crossing album. The band rocked, the Barrowlands bounced, it was indeed a Meeting of the Gods”.

Welder 2009 (fan and latter day crew member)


“I was at the matinee concert and it was the first time the band had played Wonderland live. I was not a big fan before but was blown away by the performance and years later still listen to the all the time”.

Allan Kerr 2009 (fan)


“One of the great memories of my life was going to the Matinee show at the Barras 1983. I travelled over from N.Ireland for the gig. Had only seen BC on TV up until then got to shake hands with Stuart. Tony had this permanent smile on his face and Bruce was his usual self not staying still for a minute. And Mark was outstanding.The crowd where in great voice singing along to every song. I remember going back to Paisley on the train still singing as we went could not wait to get back to Ireland to tell my mates about it.That was the start of a great journey with BC. Having moved to London in 85 I was able to see them many times and my last gig was The Waterfront in Belfast on the Final Fling Tour.I now live in Melbourne and still the memory lives on. I still love the band and miss Stuart heaps”.

John Porter 2009 (fan)


“What an amazing experience. I travelled up from Bolton on the coach as there wasn't a train service back home on New Year Day. I had my tickets for both shows and a room booked at the Holiday Inn in Glasgow. I checked in at the hotel and walked to Barrowlands for the Matinee. Excellent show, heard Wonderland live for the first time, couldn't wait for the night show. I hung around the venue and got myself in line to get a spot at the front. I remember Runrig performing and I'd never felt so out of place, an Englishman surrounded by Scots singing Scottish songs that I didn't know. By the time Big Country came on the place was on fire. Packed full of checked shirts, the place was jumping. BC played an unbelievable show, the band were on top form and the crowd were loving it. I couldn't believe there was enough room for the Pipe band to plough through the middle of the crowd and onto the stage. Fantastic night. I had heard about the Scots and Hogmanay, these guys know how to party. I trudged back to the hotel and to top off my trip the band (except Stuart) were in the bar! I sat, drank and chatted with the band (and Mr & Mrs Lillywhite) through the night. I didn't even see my hotel room! I walked to the bus station in the wee hours to come home. It was an amazing experience and one that I will always treasure. Barrowland was indeed Wonderland”.

- Graham Iley 2009 (fan)


It was the crowd that blew me away. A mix of people that you didn't usually see at the same gigs at that time. The band (specifically Stuart) managed to pull all these people together and make them theirs right from the moment the band hit the stage. I was very fortunate to be watching the show from behind the mixing console, so I was about a good head & shoulders above the crowd. There was just a sea of people from front to the back and to the left and right of me,. It seemed like there was no room to move. I can remember the heat, even though I was in a privileged spot I still found it exhausting. Musical highlight for me was "Fields of Fire" at that time that was the song

that set the pace of the gig. It was like full tilt from that point on.The whole evening was a special event, from the support band Runrig to the Pipe Band and Big Country in-between, Glasgow Barrowlands was an incredible place to be, to see out 1983 & a fantastic start to 1984.

Clive Ford 2009 (fan)




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Nick Hyde
lan Bruce
Kevin and Pamela Wright
Mattias Engvall
Andy and Simon Thompson
Wayne Sadlier
Andrew Skinner
Gary Barrett
Angelini Leonardo
Bindi Eugenio
Jane Laberee
Graham Goodall
Richard Fitzgerald
Dean & Eva Measor
Michelle Taylor
Steven Crutchley
Garry Bower
Richard Freeth
Craig Hawkins
Phill Mather
Paul Macgregor
Stephen Halliday
Yin Cheong Yee
Andy Lee
John Gouveia
Lois Lawson
John Talbot
Amanda Wren
Doug Mitchell
Wullie Whitton
Cristina Olalla
Dave Flynn
Mikey and Rachel Summers
Calum McDonald
David Wright
Blair Millar
Jason Moreton
Lars Geiger
Allan Kerr
Neil White
Thomas Finlay
Steven Matthews
David Jenkins
Jon Percy
Jan Roger Eide
Gordon Tosh
Mazz and Graham Nicholas
Steven Francis
Kevin Robinson
Flemming Kaspersen
Andrew Pye
John Porter
David Booth
Anthony Fahey
Paul Mallinson
Colin Moyes
Brian Cameron
Ian Shanks
Simon Jewell
Gordon Duff
Peter Biggs
Paul Diperna
Philip Cohen
Colin Elliston
Gregory Thicle
Dave Jones
Abraham Solis
Laura Lynch
Vic Griswold
Dwayne and Glenn Bunney
Paul Gallagher
Ian Stackhouse
Mark Wilson
Julian Parry
Martin and Sam Brookes
Paul Tomlin
John Halton
Daniel Vandivier
Barry Smith
Gary Evans
Matt Wallace
Joie Boeder

Richard Bateman
Darren Catterall
Karen McManus
Kenny Hamilton
Phil Kennedy
Mare Pearsall
Ari Tuomikoski
Graeme Furness
David Bescoby
James Burnell
Carsten Ihde
Carl Olsen
E Greenhalgh
Darren and Clair Hinton
Jonas Danbrink
Art and Dani Love
Patty Navarro
Giancarlo Bolther
Graham Iley
Paul Kelly
Thomas Enright
Jan Skikunas
Michael O'Connor
Graham Gardner
Eric Bertholin
lain Scott
Susanne Radford
David Cairney
Timothy Abernethy
Mark L'estrange
Steve Richards
Andrew Wilson
Stefan Scherer
Andrew Inkster
Alan McInnes
Trevor Rabet
Liam Eaton
Robert Staedter
David Chapman
Rik Van Der Kooi
Paul Williamson
Fraser Robertson
Stuart Christie
Roger Cumberbatch
Gary Knowlson
Charles M Bradford
Paul Wren
Stefan Spoo
Michael O'Grady
Andrew Crockett
John McKinstry
Justin Keaney
Bill Breed
Anke Voltmer
Klaus Fleischer
David Cook
Tom Whelan
Ted Kolman
Ted Kolman
Julie Inglis
Christopher Ferrell
Greg Watkins
Patricia Garza
Ulf Zenk
Stuart Arnott
Dave Fisher
Ian Sneddon
Robert Sensale
David Fryer
Mark Hargreaves
Nick Phillips
Nicholas Tatnell
Wayne Peach
Devin Cooley
Christopher Cooley
Nuallain Criostoir Adamson
Åke Noring
Nick Phillips
Elizabeth Ries
Jon Martin
Gordon Smith
Derek Minnis
Iain McGowan
Lynn Malcolm
Olaf Warwel
Pete Mahon
Gerard Kehoe
Christina Codd
Mark Kimberley
Gordon Gammie
David Robertson
Ruth Witcombe
Stephen Strong
John McDonald
Ben Preston
Gwenda Matthews
Michael Wallack
Brendan Lynch
Emma Pearson
Neil McCarthy
Donna Higgs
Juergen Koll
Jon Smith
Robb Carter
Adrian Bent
David Nutley
Rab Campbell
Tuomas Tuomi-nikula
Phil Read
Clive Ford
John Mundle
Graeme Patrick
Martin Huelk
Jez Elvin
Roger Millington
Allan Matthews
Simon Kaines
Paul Bratley
Heinrich Niemeyer
John Crewe
Ray O'Neill
Stuart West
Ian Spencer
Darren Walker
Alan Gibson
Tim Reagan
Kevin Lynch
Teemu Ohman
Mark Smith
Patrick Marchant
James Schubilske
Billy Pullar
Kirsteen Carruthers
Ann Macleod
Chris Lancaster
Gordon Morris
Lloyd Walsh
Frank Hoffmann
Kevin Brook
Peter Hornberg
Jeff Clark
Brad Williams
Jon Sanderson
Derek Phillips
Andy McEwing
Martin Weinheimer
Simon Walker
Frank Steinbrecht
Anthony Walsh
John Gordon
Mick Rooker
John Waller
Jacquie Hall
John Becker
Kev Birch
Chris Jellema
Nick Ward
Kenji Yoshikawa
Michael Mcauley
Armin Knoller
Phil O Riain
Mark Haigh
Peter Sullivan





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