The Buffalo Skinners (1993) 4:37
All Go Together (CD single promo) (1993) 4:38
Live ’93 Bootleg (1995) ß (2001) 5:27
Live In Cologne (2002) 5:39 ß 
The Buffalo Skinners (US Master Edition) (2005) 4:43
We’re Not In Kansas (The Live Bootleg Box Set 1993-1998) (Disc 1) (2017) 4:23
Lyrics: Stuart Adamson
Music: Stuart Adamson & Tony Butler
Variation Notation:
Album version
Demo version
“Some period in our dim and distant past there was this guy working away in a laboratory, and he discovered this weird shit…He let this go and he targeted it at the people who you were most afraid of.” — Stuart Adamson, in concert, Germany, 1993.