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26 September 1988

LP, CD & Cassette



The vinyl edition was made in both gatefold and standard sleeves.
”The Travellers” was a bonus track on the CD and was not included on the vinyl or cassette releases, except for the Hong Kong cassette release and the Japanese cassette and vinyl releases.
¥  Included ONLY in the Japanese releases
“I have a real soft spot for this album. This was the first time in the history of the band that I felt like a 'rock star'. I simply loved hanging out in LA. I made some good friends and made Barneys Beanery my home for 3.5 months. Listening to this album reminded me of why I became a musician with dreams of grandeur. Not particularly the songs but the atmosphere around it. It was a beautiful time.

King of Emotion - I remember when we started recording this that I was not happy with what I was playing and by the end of the day I gave up, I was not sounding right. To remedy this Bruce, Mark, myself and a small entourage went to a club in the San Fernando valley to see a band fronted by the old Faces keyboard player (Ian McClagan). He had this amazing bass player who had an incredible style of playing; very cool, very slidy. Next day in the studio, I adapted some of that style which is what you hear. Not a direct rip, but an adapted one. Cheers whoever you were, along with several beers, you inspired me. This is the loosest the band ever sounded. The female vocals really gave our sound a new complexion that even surprised us, but very LA.

Thirteen Valleys - (Its real title) is as beautiful as it is miserable. We culled a section of The Longest Day for this tune which originally, I was dead against as I loved that song so much but I grew to like it in the end. The way Stuart sings this is one of the reasons why I like singers singing there own lyrics, they sing it like they mean it.

Thousand Yard Stare - This song really made me feel we were exploring new territory when we first messed around with it at Stuarts house in Scotland, but it was never complete until we recorded in LA. I am going to say something now that will shock you. I don't think my bass playing is very good on this track. Listening back to it, I feel as though it could have been tighter and groovier. It was great to play live though.

Here To Eternity - It was when we recorded this I really thought that this album was going to be huge. This song while we recorded it was sounding glorious and triumphant and hopeful. what a fantastic guitar melody. BUT, the final mix did not represent what we were hearing in the studio. (More about the production and producer later, BTW, that big keyboard intro bit was not our idea, just an ego-maniac producer wanting you to know that he was there too).

Everything I Need - this is a beautiful song, one of Stuarts best, I just wished it sounded like we, the band played it.

Peace In Our Time - When we first put this together we new we had given birth to a classic anthem, the searing guitars, the strident bass line, the call to arms/peace drums, it was the essence of the band. What we actually hear on this record is a very diluted version, for those who have heard this live would testify to that.

Time For Leaving - I enjoyed listening to this as I did not have much recollection of it. It was not one that got a lot of airing live but it was very much a created in the studio vibe that gave the album depth of listening. Lots of experimenting went on in this. Stuarts vocal style, vocal arrangements studio production techniques, all endorsed by us, but could have sounded tougher.

River Of Hope - fantastic song, superbly artful lyric, brilliant live but weak on this record. I was so unhappy with this mix, the producer and engineer had no concept of bass end and driving rhythmn and movement (the essence of this song). I would dearly love to remix this one.

In This Place - another nice song that would have sounded great with just the band playing it.

I Could Be Happy Here - I love this song, I think with a more cohesive mix this would have been a classic as well. I so get the feeling that we enjoyed recording this track.

My one complaint about this album is (to me now, in hindsight) that the producer tried too much to put his stamp and identity on this album. The keyboards are too prominent in places (they should never be louder than the guitars) and the attempt at a slick production watered down an otherwise powerful album. A great set of songs ( I wish I took rough mixes of the tracks at the time, then you would have heard what we heard). BTW, did I tell you I had a large time.......... next, The Seer” (Tony Butler (16 November 2006 BC Forum)