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(Japanese releases unless noted otherwise)

I don’t know what it is about these covers. I always thought they looked cool.

¥ Japanese releases of The Crossing have the album title written as
which is Japanese for ‘In A Big Country’, but as ‘The Crossing’ when written in English.
East of Eden 7”
Fields of Fire (Japanese EP) Wonderland 12”
Steeltown LP  
The Crossing Cassette ¥  The Crossing Cassette (Taiwan) Steeltown Cassette Steeltown Cassette (Taiwan)
The Seer Cassette (Taiwan)
(red labels)
The Seer Cassette (Taiwan)
(yellow labels)
Peace In Our Time Cassette Through A Big Country Cassette
Without The Aid of a Safety Net Cassette (Philippines)      
The Seer CD
Peace In Our Time CD Through A Big Country CD  
Why The Long Face CD
Classic Big Country
(The Best 1200)
Classic Big Country
(The Best 1000)
The Crossing ¥ 
(Deluxe Edition)
Through A Big Country
We’re Not In Kansas
(The Live Bootleg Box Set 1993-1998)
Live (Barrowlands New Year’s) Laserdisc Live (Barrowlands New Year’s) VHS