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Stuart Adamson leaves Skids during recordings at Inverness studio 13 April 1981
3 weeks later Bruce Watson and Stuart Adamson start writing and recording songs at Townhill Community center. ‘Angle Park’, ‘Heart and Soul’, ‘Wake’, ‘We Could Laugh’, ‘Harvest Home’, ‘The Lost Patrol’, ‘The Crossing’ and ‘Inwards’ produced by Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson using a ‘Tascam’ 4 track porta- studio. Thinking about future names, they come up with Big Country, Angle Park and The Little Giants. May 1981
Record demo tape for Virgin Records. Rick Buckler from ‘The Jam’ playing drums. ‘Heart and Soul’ and ‘Angle Park’. Produced by John Leckie at the Townhouse studios. This was around the time of the Royal wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Stuart, Dodds (roadie) and Bruce went to the firework display in Hyde Park. 29 July 1981
Record ‘Flag of Nations’ (swimming). Produced by John Leckie at Abbey Road studio. Record demo tape for CBS records with Clive Parker from ‘Spizz Oil’ playing drums. ’Lost patrol’, ‘Wake’, ‘The Crossing’ and ‘Echoes’ Produced by Adam Seef at CBS Studio. Meet up with David Allan from ‘ Gang of Four’ to discuss playing bass with us. Nothing materializes  
Skids: Fields August 1981
Skids: Iona October 1981
Skids: Joy November 1981