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Recorded ‘Restless Natives’ soundtrack at Park Lane in Glasgow January 1985

Just A Shadow

Winter Sky
11 January 1985
BBC Studios, Manchester, Just A Shadow, (Live appearance on the Oxford Road Show with Stuart presenting). Stuart is too ‘tired’ to attend run through and sound check so Gerry Raymond Barker (guitar tech and secret sherry drinker) stands in for him. Guests include Tommy Docherty (who is incredibly funny) and Joan Armatrading (who isn’t) 8 February 1985
Live Aid. London. Wembley Stadium (on-stage at finale only) 13 July 1985
Utica, New York USA. Mohawk Valley Community College 7 December 1985
Boston, Massachusets, USA. Orpheum Theatre; supporting Roger Daltrey 8 December 1985
New York. Madison Square garden supporting Roger Daltrey. jfng attends his first Big Country concert. 9 December 1985
Start recording The Seer with Robin Millar at the Power Plant and RAK in London 14 December 1985