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Bruce Watson: Demology (reissue)

Demology 12
March 2005
Bruce Watson: Hi Yo Tonto...Away

“Feeling Normal”
March 2005
Defrostin’ (re-release) March 2005
Restless Natives (DVD) April 2005
Classic Big Country (DVD) 11 April 2005
Tony Butler: Life Goes On

Here’s The Real World
Hold Me Like You’ve Never Done Before
I Can’t Let Go
I Don’t Mind Now
An Island
Kings of A World
La La Life Goes On
No One Knows My Name
Not Supposed To Love You
One More Drink
Overture (Going In)
Queen of My Dreams
Radical Measures
Running To The Sun
Underture (Coming Out)
When My Moment Comes
April 2005
Live Hits (Time Music) May 2005
The Buffalo Skinners (US Master Ed.) 30 May 2005
Without The Aid of a Safety Net (Expanded ed.) 30 May 2005
Without The Aid of a Safety Net (DVD) 30 May 2005
Skids: Scared To Dance (re-release) October 2005
Live Hits (Elap Records) November 2005
Casbah Club: Casbah Club (EP)

Any Way She Moves
Save Me From Me
Sex Change
When She Sleeps
November 2005
Rockpalast (DVD) November 2005
Bruce Watson: “Simple Country” made available on his website 21 November 2005
Rarities VIII

Pan American Irish Girl
Simple’s Always Best
Small Town Big News
Soldier of The Lord
Sweet November Nothing’s
December 2005
Live In Germany (DVD)

Broken String Blues
December 2005