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Bruce Watson: Hi Yo Tonto...Away

Cheese Again
Garfunkel Gets A Hot Dog
Git On A Tightrope
Gypsy Girl
Hi Yo Tonto
I Was A Teenage Tourette’s Syndrome Ventriloquist
The Legend of Maribou Blowpants
Mr Happy Comes To Town
Plastic Never Rusts
Swimming With Submarines
Theme From Whistle Down Your Nose
Touring Germany
27 Waves Away
February 2001
Country Club Convention 1999 (VHS) February 2001
Bruce Watson: CD Sampler March 2001
Under Cover

Down On The Corner
Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)
Teenage Lament
12 March 2001
Rarities II

Celtic Dream
Christmas Island
I Feel Fine
Lone Star
The Long Road
Secret Angel Man
Soul On Fire
What Makes A Man
You Want Me To Go
9 April 2001
The Best of Big Country: The Millennium Collection 10 April 2001
Moscow 1988 April 2001
Driving To Newcastle April 2001
Das Fest April 2001
Driving To Perth (VHS) May 2001

The Raphaels: Supernatural

Learning To Row
Life Is A Church
Mexican Trout
My Blue Rose
My Only Crime
Old Country Country
Private Battlefield
Simple Man
Stand Up
Toujour Aimez
14 May 2001
One In A Million

I’m On This Train
4 June 2001
Peace Concert (Live In East Berlin 1988) 16 July 2001
Peace Concert (Live In East Berlin 1988) (VHS) 16 July 2001
Skids: Days In Europa (CD) (re-release w/ extra tracks) 6 August 2001
Greatest 12” Hits 9 August 2001
Bruce Watson: Last of the ‘Hole In The Head’ Gang

Drunk With The Punch
The Gag
Postcard From Lumphinnans
10 August 2001
Live In Essen (Rockpalast) (Live) August 2001
Eclectic (VHS) August 2001
Bruce Watson’s Super 8 (VHS) August 2001 (EP)

Dragging My Name
27 August 2001
Classic Big Country (The Universal Masters Collection) 27 August 2001
Tony Butler: The Great Unknown (Slight Return)

My Heart’s In My Home
New Frontier
10 September 2001
Bruce Watson: Snorkelling With God 10 September 2001
On The Air: Ready For Action Again

Bored By You
First Time
Funny People
Going For Your Guns
Good Boys
Happy In My House
Moving Target

(Originally issued in 1980)
Another Planet
Crazy & Youth
Jimmy Dub
Ready For Action
Typically English
10 September 2001
Skids: The Absolute Game (CD) (re-release) 10 September 2001
Keep On Truckin’ October 2001
In A Big Country 15 October 2001
No Place Like Bonn

Mannish Boy
November 2001
The Buffalo Skinners: Live at The Rothes Halls 19/10/01 November 2001
Tony Butler: Demos of Themes and Other Dreams

All I Want Is Me
Bruce Is Big Leggy
The Cenotaph
Come On Boys
Cry Wild
Easy Come Easy Go
Hippy Man
Holier Than Thou
I Love My Dog
Lady Luck
Love Madness
Love Wins The Day
Lucky Man
So Good To See You
Sun and The Moon
Tropical Sunsets
November 2001
Das Fest (VHS) December 2001
Stuart Adamson passes away. 16 December 2001