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Home of The Saved
The Man In Me
Whole Wide World
March 2008
The Ballad of JFK
Orion’s Belt
The Saints Are Coming
April 2008
Dakota Sunrise July 2008
Pollock and The Porrohman August 2008
Alien 9
Lay The Coin On My Tongue (And I Will Sing On)
September 2008
As Long As I See Shadows
The River Stays The Same
October 2008
Brzezicki, Butler, Watson: In Our Name

In My Name

(The Highest Mountain) You Lift Me Up
Hope and Waterloo
Make For The Wire
A Time So Wild
November 2008
Skids: The Absolute Game (CD) (re-release w/ extra tracks) November 2008
Big Hits Live December 2008
A Lovely Day 31 December 2008